Outlook Sorting rules have capacity limitations…

Mail is not sorted even though sorting rules are set in Outlook …

Perhaps the cause is that the capacity of the sorting rules is exceeded.

I will explain this event. please make sure.

Mail is not sorted….

I will explain the phenomenon that Outlook mail is not sorted.

By the way, my environment is
Use Microsoft365 with desktop version of Outlook

I think that it is the same in other environments, so please read appropriately.

Capacity limit of sorting rules?

Outlook rules have a limit of 256KB!!

If various settings are made in detail, it may exceed this. Hmm ~ It’s a delicate specification.

In our company,
There are many people who are elaborate on setting journal rules,
You may occasionally contact us.

My writer, Inbox-> After reading, archive (end) . .

I was derailed, but when I exceeded the capacity of this journal rule
Sorting rules do not work

Check if the rules are properly reflected

Check the sorting rules in OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Is the following message displayed?

“The selected rule cannot be viewed at this time. Please view it in desktop version of Outlook. You cannot edit rules created for low priority mail.”

If you see this message,

When viewed on the desktop version, it appears to be set correctly, but the rules are not fully reflected due to overcapacity. (Probability is high)

Check capacity of sorting rules

There is no way to check capacity usage.

However, you can get a rough capacity usage of the usage by exporting the sorting rules.

Home → Rules → Notification and management of rules → Options

Export journal rules in options window


Since it is required to save in the format of extension rwz, save it with an appropriate name.

Right-click the saved file → check the capacity in the properties.


Then you can check the capacity.
256KB is a guide.


What should I do?

Let’s delete some sorting rules.

The 256KB limit cannot be expanded, so there is no other way but to remove unnecessary rules.