Bad use of DA table. . Is it fine?

I often use DA at my company. It is a story that it is not used well.

Both those proposed and those who use DA tables need to be careful.

What is a DA table?

I am also a job hopper, and I have experienced about 6 companies (although the annual income has not risen at all …). I was at a consulting company and thought that I knew some kind of framework like this (I did not say that it could be used), but the DA table is the current company I knew it for the first time.

Did everyone know? I guess it’s a minor because it doesn’t come out even if I google.

Brief description

DA (Decision Analysis)

It’s a table to decide from among multiple plans.

One of the tools of the KT method.

An example

The flow of usage is as follows.

  1. Decide some evaluation items.
  2. Evaluate * Weight each item
  3. Adopt a guy with a high total score!

Proceed like this. ↓ Sample of DA table.

reliability cost period total
Plan1 Excellent Average Good Good
Plan2 Average Good Good Bad

From this table, it is determined that Option 1 is adopted.

What you feel using

By the way, if you do not have this table in your company’s proposal materials, it may be pointed out that “Comparable!”

And what you make looks logical at first glance. However, since it is a material that is being created to pass the proposal, a DA table with a very personal feeling can be made … This is very dangerous in making business decisions.

Reason 1 The creator freely determines the evaluation items

You can skip evaluation items that are inconvenient, or you can make it look like you do not have any personality by making the evaluation a little worse, and you can make a table that is convenient for you.

Reason 2 Free evaluation

Evaluation items that can be expressed on a quantitative fact basis are still OK. However, items with different units will be summed up at the end.

What we do for that is expressed as [Excellent> Good> Average> Bad] as in the example above. Here is your personal feeling.

Bad if below 20 ℃
Average if less than 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃
Good if it is 25 ℃

Or, you can put it all together in a convenient place.

Reason 3: I do not feel the strong will of the proposer

Such a thing! It is hard to feel. (Listen to the side …)

“Once we have a DA table, it’s an idea, so I want to adopt it.”

To be honest, I still feel that majority voting is still better. I get the impression that it is another responsibility tool.


  • Excessive framework religion is no good
  • If you do not show the validity of the evaluation, just prepare one slide for each evaluation item.
  • The deliberation side will be deceived when listening appropriately. It will be difficult to understand and point out only in the time of the proposal.
  • We need a climate that can be used to obediently go wrong. Use the framework to hide the bad spots.

Nobody knows about the future, so I want a climate where I can challenge even if it’s a little logically impossible.

I felt that I was too worried about the DA table, so I was given an opinion.